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My Reality

Self-induced hallucinations

21 September
Maybe one, maybe the other. Then again, maybe not.

This journal is a personal account of my life. Political, personal, social, internal and external. It is of and about, but not all, of me. What I write is often quite personal - looking at my life and my past and my present through various lenses from feminist to personal growth to spiritual to political to health and healing. Nothing is off limits (though I try to post little to no negative content about other people no matter how I'm feeling about them - the internet is forever, my moods are not).

This is a way to get to know the things about me that I do not contain - this is a place where I keep my rants and my sadness, my joy, my defeats, pain, my exaltation and ecstatic worship of the divine.

But I warn you, this is not all of me. This is not the most personal nor is it the most detailed so I ask you not to take what you see and read as all that there is. Please refrain from jumping to conclusions those landings are often difficult and treacherous.

On the other hand, I'm a radical and activist, maybe I did mean it.

"I am large, I contain multitudes." Walt Whitman.